CLA Rules

Duties and Timetable for CLA Program Co-Chairs and Organization Committee

Conference name

The official name is “CLA, the International Conference on Concept Lattices and Their Applications”.

Conference scope

CLA is an international conference dedicated to formal concept analysis (FCA, homepage) and closely related areas. Formal concept analysis was invented in the early 1980s as a method of data analysis with solid mathematical foundations. A key idea is to base the analysis of data on the notion of a formal concept–a formal counterpart to the intuitive notion of a human-like concept found in data. Directly related to formal concept analysis are areas such as data mining, information retrieval, knowledge management, data and knowledge engineering, logic, algebra and lattice theory. The conference provides a forum for researchers, practitioners, and students. The program of the conference consists of invited plenary talks, regular talks, and poster sessions. Papers in all areas relevant to theory and applications of formal concept analysis are solicited.

Those areas include but are not restricted to:

  • foundations,
  • concept lattices and related structures,
  • attribute implications and data dependencies,
  • algorithms,
  • visualization,
  • data preprocessing,
  • redundancy and dimensionality reduction,
  • information retrieval,
  • classification,
  • clustering,
  • association rules and other data dependencies,
  • ontologies,
  • applications.

Conference format

CLA seeks to have invited speakers, regular papers, and posters. CLA does not have parallel sessions.

Conference date

CLA is a biennial conference and takes place in late Spring as a rule.


Regular papers are published in printed conference proceedings which are put online at CEUR Workshop Proceedings and CLA Homepage before the conference date. A recommended format is the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science style, at most 12 pages per paper. A journal special issue consisting of selected CLA papers is organized by the program co-chairs after a CLA conference. A selection of the journal must be approved by the Steering Committee.

Program co-chairs

Program co-chairs are responsible for the scientific content of the conference. In particular, program co-chairs manage the paper review process, are the editors of the CLA proceedings, manage the publication with CEUR Workshop Proceedings, and are the guest editors of the journal special issue. In a collaborative effort with the steering committee, program co-chairs select candidates for invited speakers. The candidates must be approved by the steering committee. Program co-chairs cooperate with the organization committee. Program co-chairs attend the conference. After the conference, program co-chairs send the steering committee basic statistics such as the numbers of submissions, accepted papers, participants, and the like.

Program committee

The program committee members are invited by the program co-chairs. Before invitation, program committee members to be invited must be approved by the Steering Committee.

Review process

Each paper must be sent for review to at least 3 members of the program committee. The program committee members may ask an external reviewer for a review. Each paper must be reviewed by at least 2 reviewers before a decision to accept or reject is made. The decision to accept or reject a paper is made by the program co-chairs.

Best Paper Award

The program chairs with the help of the program committee members select the best paper of the conference. The criteria for the selection are the scientific value of the results of that paper and its presentation at the conference. This paper receives the CLA Best Paper Award. The certificate for this award will be prepared by the organization committee. The award is presented to the authors at the conference.

Organization committee

The organization committee chair is responsible for the organization of CLA (which includes a maintenance of CLA website and publication of conference proceedings). The chair appoints the other members of the organization committee. The organization committee cooperates with the program co-chairs. It is recommended that the organization committee considers the previous CLA(s) for continuity (website, logo, proceedings, etc.).

Conference website

The organization committee must maintain a timely conference website. The first version is expected to be released not later than 11 months before the conference. CLA Homepage is not a timely conference website.

Conference fee

Basic conference fee covering conference attendance and proceedings should not exceed the equivalent of 250 EUR.


The organization committee is supposed to seek additional funds for organizing the conference. The funds are supposed to help cover expenses of invited speakers and program chairs, and possibly other expenses.

Proposal to organize next CLA

A proposal can be sent to any member of the Steering Committee. A proposal must include: venue, name and e-mail address of the main contact person, name and e-mail address of the proposed chair of the CLA organization committee, proposed date of the conference, and possibly additional information that supports the proposal.

Non-resolved issues

Any issue not resolved by these rules will be resolved in an ad hoc manner by the Steering Committee.